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About My Studio

I launched my company, Amaalgam, as a vehicle to share my creativity with the world. The name of the company is a take-off on the many mediums I work in and with, and the varied sources and materials I use.

Using Glass as my medium, and utilizing the Fusing method, I have enjoyed creating works of art for over 12 years.

Glass fusing is an emerging art form—resting between Blown glass (Murano, Chihuly) and Stained Glass (Churches/home windows) methods.

Sheets of Glass are cut into shapes, decorated with smaller pieces of glass and/or other inclusions, and then ‘melted’—in a kiln to about 1500 degrees Fahrenheit—to fuse together. This art form uses multiple variations and techniques, resulting in interesting and stunning creations.

Fused glass can be functional and/or Decorative. It also lends itself to awe-inspiring sculptural works.

Drawing inspiration from Nature, I am motivated to create art that brings joy to the beholder. Glass, with its transparent, refractive as well as reflective properties, allows me to create a bit of magic.

I invite you to browse my galleries for examples of my work.

Brief descriptions and some price-points are provided. Items marked SOLD can be re-created as ‘similar’ but not ‘same’--as this is a purely handmade process--making each piece unique.

In an effort to popularize this new art form, I do offer some Workshops. Please see the tab for more details.

Under the LEARN tab, you will find some free and some ‘FOR SALE’ tutorials as well as notification of classes and workshops.

Starting September 2018, I will be stocking Bullseye Glass products (sheet glass and frit), as well as the new sensation in refractory material---SilkeMat products. All items are offered for pick-up only.

About Me

Fascinated by colors from early childhood, I grew up surrounded by art. My home was a veritable art gallery, with massive oils and watercolors displayed everywhere, not to mention sculptures and statues in wood, Plaster of Paris and metal made by my mother, a National Award winning artist, Mrs. Nishi Chopra. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I also  work with a variety of media, from Tie Dye and Batik--on paper, cotton and silk cloth, to water colors and oils, to stained glass, and painting on glass, to now my latest passion, Fused Glass.