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To serve Glass artists in NY and Canada (within driving distance from me-- I live in Clarence, NY) I have decided to start offering Bullseye Glass and products from my Studio. Here are the details:
1. All orders will be offered on a 'Pick-up' basis, from my Studio in Clarence, NY.
2. All PRE-ORDERS will be at 30% discount.
3. All other orders will be at 20% discount.
4. There is no minimum can purchase as little as ONE sheet.
5. If you need to cut a Full sheet to fit your vehicle, I can provide you with a cutting table and tools, but you will need to do the cutting yourself, after purchase.
6. You can also order any Tools, Molds or Kiln supplies from the BE Catalogue, but if BE does not offer Volume discounts on that item, I need to charge the BE Catalogue price.

For selecting glass go to :

Or select from the print Catalogue.
To order, add this item to your cart and you will see a FORM. Fill this per directions provided to place your order. It will appear as ‘$0’. I will Invoice you via email with pricing and payment instructions.

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